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Where does the e-waste go

E-waste concept has become more and more essential lately, when technology has known important innovation. The constant upgrades of phones or laptops software determine you to change these quite often, meaning that the old items become electronic garbage. Given the particular nature of the materials thrown away, it would be interesting to find out what happens with your e-waste after it reaches the recycling center.

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What is the journey of your e-waste?

Industrial and technical development made our society aware of the way we harm our environment every day. In our attempt to save and regenerate the natural beauty we have, in certain cities from developed countries recycling centers were created. They collect the e-waste you have, which can be an old TV or printer, and pass it through a complex procedure. The first thing happening to your old devices is to be checked if they can be fixed or not. Everything fixed will be sold to different clients interested in this kind of items.


The procedure is more complex when the e-waste cannot be fixed at all. They will remove the inflammable parts, like batteries. Thereafter, your old phone or laptop goes through an optical sorting system which separates those parts made of metal from those made of plastic. The sorted parts are finally sold globally but the statistic shows that most of them arrive to China where they are used to create new devices. However, the optical sorting is quite expensive so some companies do this process in countries less developed, like Ghana, where people sort the parts manually.


Protect your environment by bringing your e-waste to a recycle plant. In this way you make sure that it does not arrive to a landfill, polluting the environment. On contrary, every part will be used to create new devices in the end, so other people will enjoy the magic of technology.